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Keystone XL Subsidy Announced, Still No Project Greenlight

Today, the company behind the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline announced the official end of a weak open season for shippers to commit barrels to its project.

Nebraska Keeps Door Open to Keystone XL Legal Challenges

Today, the Nebraska Public Service Commission (PSC) again dealt a blow to TransCanada’s hopes to ram the Keystone XL tar sands pipel

S.D. Tar Sands Oil Spill: Bad Omen for Keystone XL Safety

The sales pitch on new tar sands pipelines is like a song stuck on repeat: our pipeline is the safest, most state-of-the-art way to get oil from point A to point B.

Hurdles Rise Higher: Court Loss New Obstacle for Keystone XL

While the Nebraska Public Services Commission (PSC) grabbed all the Keystone XL pipeline headlines last week, a federal court in Montana

New Route One of Many Obstacles Remaining for Keystone XL

On Monday, the Nebraska Public Services Commission (PSC) issued its long-awaited decision regarding a route permit for the

Climate and Caribou: Canadian Boreal Protection Helps Both

This post was written by Courtenay Lewis, Canada Project Consultant