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Clean Power Plan Repeal Won’t Stop Clean Energy Future in IL

It is here: the Trump administration’s announcement that they intend to repeal of the Clean Power Plan. Not as a part of a forward-looking vision, but rather a desperate attempt to prop up

Trump Budget vs. the Great Lakes

The Great Lakes are an indelible part of the quality of life in some of America’s greatest cities (Canada’s too!). But the Trump budget outlined this week clearly represents a threat to the region.

A Victory for Clean Water

Clean water and the Clean Water Act won big today.

Protecting Our Drinking Water Sources

Sometime within the next month, your Senator and Representative will likely have to vote on whether to block

No More Money Down the Drain: How to Plug Leaks in Drinking Water Systems and Save Money Across the Great Lakes Basin

Next time you turn on the tap, picture hundred dollar bills going down the drain rather than drops of water. That is literally what happens every single day across America, as billions of gallons of expensive, treated water is simply lost due to leaking, aging pipes.

After Toledo, What's Next?

It’s been almost 2 months since half a million residents of Toledo, Ohio and surrounding communities were told not to drink their water after unsafe levels of toxins, caused by Lake Erie algal blooms, were found at a city water treatment p