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On the Heels of COP 21, Historic Progress on Renewable Energy and the Anniversary of New York Ban on Fracking, New Yorkers Praise Governor Cuomo for being a Climate Leader

Following the achievements at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris that wrapped up last week, New Yorkers are taking a moment to celebrate their own accomplishments as climate leaders, thanks, in large part, to the efforts of Governor Andrew Cuomo.

New York State's Fracking Ban Is Official

It's official! New York State has taken the historic step of banning high-volume fracking throughout the state.

Maryland Fracking Moratorium Becomes Law

Yet another state is saying no to a rush forward with fracking on the basis that the potential risks to health and the environment remain inadequately understood to support a conclusion that it can be done safely.

New York's Fracking Ban Clears Way for Clean Energy, Not Coal

In a recent Wall Street Journal interview, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg criticized Governor Cuomo for banning fracking in the state, citing concerns the ban will mean increased rel

Feds can't count on states, industry alone to protect against fracking's risks

The White House Council of Economic Advisors today released a report that indicated it is "taking steps to ensure that the expansion of natural gas and oil production be done responsibly and with environmental

Government leaders take note: NY's fracking ban is consistent with the evidence & public opinion

We all enjoyed some pre-Christmas euphoria over Governor Cuomo's historic decision to ban fracking in the State of New York.