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NYC Gets an Earful on Solving Sewage Overflows

I’ve been writing a lot about the latest happenings on sewage overflows in New York City. 

Congress Must Go Big on Water Infrastructure

This week, I testified at a committee hearing in the U.S.

We're in Court, as EPA, NY State, NYC Fail on Clean Water

NRDC and allies filed a federal lawsuit against EPA to protect people who fish, swim, or boat in local New York City waterways—and people who currently stay away because of the massive amounts of sewage in the water after it rains.

Fixing Our Water Infrastructure: Smarter, Fairer, More

It's no secret. America needs to invest—big league—to bring our water infrastructure into the 21st century.

New Yorkers Call for Clean Water, Demand an End to Filthy Waterways Whenever it Rains

New York City residents gathered yesterday to speak up for clean water. They came to a hearing room downtown, with a 27th-floor view of Manhattan's concrete jungle, to demand bays, rivers, and creeks that are, quite simply, clean enough to touch.