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Half the Planet at Stake as High Seas Negotiations Begin

The ocean is crucial for life on earth, yet much of it lacks comprehensive environmental safeguards. Providing oxygen we breathe, food we eat, and performing important roles in planetary systems like moderating our climate, a lot is at stake when we risk the health of the ocean.

Offshore Drilling Plan Shouldn’t Risk Communities and Coasts

The Trump administration in January released the most far-reaching offshore drilling plan ever proposed.

2017 High Seas Year in Review: Progress Paves Way for Treaty

The vast expanse of ocean that lies beyond any one country’s national waters comprises nearly two-thirds of the ocean and almost half the planet.

Canyons & Seamounts Monument Comes Alive at Mystic Aquarium

One hundred fifty miles off the coast of New England and thousands of feet deep lies a unique and special place.

World Oceans Day Comes at a Critical Time for High Seas

As we celebrate World Oceans Day this year, world leaders, businesses, scientists, and NGOs are gathered in New York at the first ever United Nations Ocean Conference.

UN High Seas Negotiations Critical to Conserve Biodiversity

The Olympics wrapped up several weeks ago, but in eastern Manhattan in New York, there are still hundreds of countries gathered.