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New EPA Data: Cars Getting Better Mileage, Cleaner

EPA’s latest annual assessment of new automobile fuel economy, the “Fuel Economy Trends” report, shows that automakers have made great progress building fuel-efficient vehicles from when standards were ti

States Boost, Trump Rolls Back Clean Vehicles in 2017

Part of NRDC's Year-End Series Reviewing 2017 Energy & Climate Developments

Trump EPA’s Dirty Truck Loophole Is Deadly

EPA is proposing to roll back emission safeguards against sales of dirty trucks, leaving the public to cough and wheeze on more air pollution.

Clean Transportation Could Turbocharge Northeast’s Economy

A clean and modern transportation system will create jobs and economic growth, improve commutes, increase safety, and reduce pollution, which will improve public health and help tackle climate change too.Today, seven Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states and D.C. announced their intent to capture these opportunities by moving forward to update and upgrade the region’s aging transportation system.

Reopening Clean Car Standards Is Harmful and Unjustified

The U.S. EPA announced that it is reconsidering landmark clean car standards that were poised to provide deep reductions in carbon pollution and save consumers $92 billion at the pump.