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Trump Tax Plan: Big Polluters Win, the Rest of Us Lose

For decades, the tax code has benefited corporate polluters while leaving behind those who are most at risk from environmental harms. The Trump plan doubles down on these problems and promises to further entrench established interests by rewarding the wealthy first and foremost at the likely expense of funding for the federal agencies that enforce environmental safeguards and develop the next generation of clean energy while jeopardizing our public lands.

House GOP Energy Vision Almost As Blind As Trump’s

On June 27th, House Republicans released an unacceptable Energy and Water appropriations bill that should dispel any belief that the GOP-run Congress will somehow stop reckless spending cuts in the Trump era

Important Tax Incentives Set to Expire at End of 2016

At the end of this year several tax incentives that advance clean energy, energy efficiency, and infrastructure technologies that reduce pollution and drive innovation will expire. 

House Energy and Water Bill Loaded with Policy Riders

The House Energy and Water appropriations bill traditionally marks the beginning of anti-environmental rider season—a season even more depressing than the record-breaking rains in Washington, DC this May.

Senate Energy and Water Bill Not As Non-Controversial as Claimed

The Senate is attempting to pass the first appropriations bill of the year—the FY17 Energy and Water Appropriations Act. Until the recent controversy about Sen.

It’s Alive! Senate Energy Bill Returns—But With More Problems for Our Environment

The Senate will once again attempt to pass S. 2012 the Energy Policy Modernization Act—as early as this Tuesday (4/19).