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Can Farming and Open Space Protections Coexist?

This blog is co-authored with Emily Kenyon*

Expanded farming operations on Long Island do not conflict with long-standing land protection and open space laws, a New York State appellate court recently ruled. 

2018 Cuomo Priority: Full PCB Clean Up of the Hudson River

Ahead of his upcoming State of the State address on January 3rd, Governor Andrew Cuomo unveiled his first environmental priority of 2018—calling on the U.S.

Win-Win for the Historic Palisades Park: LG Redesigns Office Building to Preserve Iconic Views

In a landmark announcement today, NRDC and its coalition partners have reached an agreement with LG Electronics to support a revised design for the company's new North American headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey -- a

Big Cities Once Again Step Up to the Plate on Improving School Food

School food usually gets a bad rap.

But six of the largest school districts in the nation are once again trying to change that reputation.

Why Governor Cuomo's Casino Plans Are a Better Bet for the Environment

A Fifteen-Year Chronology of the Casino Controversy