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OH & PA Will Transition From Nuclear Energy—But How?

This blog was co-authored with Matthew McKinzie, director of NRDC’s nuclear program.

NRDC Fights Another Pruitt Rollback of Smog & Methane Curbs

In yet another step to dismantle critical protections for our air and climate, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has proposed to withdraw the EPA’s guideline for states to reduce smog-fo

A Snag in the Effort to Fix Pennsylvania's Solar Market

Last fall, Pennsylvania lawmakers set out to fix a problem with the state's 2004 Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act (AEPS). 

PA's Renewable Energy Goals Are Not in the Super Bowl

Pennsylvania established its first clean energy target 14 years ago by enacting the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act of 2004 (AEPS). At the time—just before the Philadelphia Eagles faced the New England Patriots in the 2005 Super Bowl—the AEPS was a relatively forward-thinking policy.

HB 542 & the Dealing of Pennsylvania's Environment (II)

Part I of this blog discussed recent DEP budget cuts and the Permit Decision Guarantee, the DEP’s 2012 policy to ensure that environmental permits are issued expeditiously.