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HB 542 & the Dealing of Pennsylvania's Environment (II)

Part I of this blog discussed recent DEP budget cuts and the Permit Decision Guarantee, the DEP’s 2012 policy to ensure that environmental permits are issued expeditiously.

HB 542 & the Dealing of Pennsylvania's Environment (I)

For years now, Pennsylvania’s state budget has served as a chopping block for environmental protection, with legislators cutting funding to the state DEP by almost 40% over the last fifteen years.

Clean Energy Is on the Map in PA. Where Will We Go Now?

This blog was co-written by Sharon Pillar of Environmental Entrepreneurs.

Energy Efficiency in Pennsylvania: Cutting Energy Costs, Combating Climate Change, and Creating Jobs

An unusual coalition of businesses and efficiency-minded groups, including NRDC, has written to Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf urging him to take steps to ramp up efficiency investments to cut pollution a

The Virtues of Clean Power Planning: Pennsylvania After the Stay

Recognizing that the Supreme Court's recent "stay" of the Clean Power Plan neither halts climate change nor negates the many goo