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Utility Regulators Help Michigan’s Auto Industry Electrify

For over 100 years, Michigan has remained the country’s undisputed automotive capitol.

Tesla Delivers Model 3 as CA Moves Plan to Boost EV Market

Tesla has delivered the first 30 production Model 3’s—the automaker’s mass-market, affordable electric vehicle (EV) that will be available for under $27,500 after a federal tax credit.

California Aims to Plug In Almost Everything That Moves

The state’s largest investor-owned utilities are proposing to make over $1 billion in new investments to “accelerate widespread transportation electrification,” focusing on “light-duty” electric vehicles, as well as bigger, heavier, “medium and heavy-duty” vehicles, in a big way.

PG&E to Deploy 7,500 Charging Stations for Electric Cars

A decision adopted today by the California Public Utilities Commission would result in the nation’s single-largest deployment of charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs).

NRDC Report: The Electric Industry Can Drive Out Pollution

To cut carbon pollution and meet air quality standards, we have to ditch oil and power our cars, trucks, and buses with clean electricity.

Agreement Proposed to Deploy Charging Stations for Electric Cars in Northern and Central California

One of the nation's largest utilities, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), would deploy 7,500 charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) throughout northern and central California and educate its millions of customers about the benefits of driving on electricity, a fuel that's cheaper and c