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Valuing Distributed Energy Resources: A California Update

My colleague, former NRDC Fellow Dan Aas, is co-author of this blog entry.

Commission Should Enable Switching to Clean Energy for Heat

California homes and businesses must transition to clean, renewable sources of energy for heating our buildings and water in order to meet the state’s climate goals.

Can Paying-For-Performance Increase Energy Savings?

What’s the best way to motivate people to cut the energy waste in their homes and businesses? Most energy efficiency programs offer rebates and incentives upfront to promote smarter energy use through things like highly efficient appliances and weatherization.

An Update on California’s Distributed Energy Leadership

My colleague, NRDC Fellow Dan Aas, is the primary author of this blog entry.

Slashing Emissions from Fossil Fuels Burned in Buildings

The “decarbonization” of America’s building is critical to reducing carbon emissions by at least 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050, the amount scientists believe is necessary to avoid the w

Better Buildings Neighborhood Program Offers Lessons for Energy Efficiency

The Department of Energy's detailed warts-and-all evaluation of its $500 million stimulus-funded Better Buildings Neighborhood Program (