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Congress: Biggest Attack on Marine Mammals in Decades

On Thursday, the House Natural Resources Committee passed a bill, called the “SECURE American Energy Act” (H.R. 4239), that can only be described as an oil industry wish-list.

NRDC: Halt Seismic Blasting Permits

Today, on behalf of ourselves, our members, and many other environmental groups, we’re submitting an 85-page comment letter to the Trump administration opposing seismic blasting in the Atlantic.

U.S., Canadian Experts Urge More Than Words from PM Trudeau

If you want to see the makings of an environmental train wreck, just hop a ferry from Anacortes, Washington, a couple of hours north of Seattle. There among the beautiful San Juan Islands, one of the world’s most iconic whale populations, the southern resident orcas, is struggling to survive.