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Federal Power Rules Threaten New England Renewable Energy

NRDC is asking the nation’s power grid regulator to rethink a rule that threatens states' abilities to incentivize renewable energy and prevent dangerous climate change.

Empowering Utilities to Lead on Energy Efficiency with REV

As Governor Cuomo prepares to announce a comprehensive energy efficiency framework on Earth Day and continues to move forward with New York’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) strategy, it is impor

Teach-In Thursday on Why NY Needs More Energy Efficiency

With Gov. Cuomo promising to announce a comprehensive energy efficiency strategy for New York by Earth Day, April 22, it’s important for New Yorkers to understand how ambitious energy-saving targets will dramatically clean our air, spur new clean energy jobs, and cut our utility bills.

Clean Heating Is Part of NY’s Energy Efficiency Solution

Achieving New York’s climate and clean energy goals hinges upon a comprehensive and ambitious plan to increase energy efficiency savings in New York across all fuels.

State Clean Energy Authority at Stake in New York ZEC Case

This blog post was co-authored with legal intern Anthony Raduazo.

More Energy Efficiency Will Benefit New York, Gov. Cuomo

More energy efficiency can help New Yorkers create new good clean energy jobs, enjoy better health, and save billions, as a NRDC fact sheet published today shows.