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First Quantum Minerals Makes the Right Call, Backs Away from Pebble Mine

The decision is a significant move for those fighting to protect Alaska’s pristine Bristol Bay.

NRDC Sues Over Gutted Migratory Bird Treaty Act

The Trump administration is once again trying to allow industry to cut corners, this time by setting bird-conservation efforts back decades.

U.N.’s New Global Initiative to Accelerate Phaseout of Incandescents and Shift to LED Bulbs

The plan will help emerging and developing economies save billions of dollars and prevent millions of tons in carbon emissions. 

Grounding the Hype of Trump’s Infrastructure Plan in Reality

EPA Responds About Deadly Chemical

The news comes a day after Pruitt met with victims’ families.

A Win for Cleaner Cars: Court Upholds Fuel Economy Standard Penalties for Automakers

The decision overturns the Trump administration’s attack on rules that help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ramp up innovative efficiency technologies.