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The Gloves Are Off

Trump is going after America’s most pristine wildland. Literally the “last best place” in the country. It’s a brazen move—and proof that no part of our natural heritage is safe from commercial exploitation these days.

This Solves Nothing

President Trump is issuing an Executive Order to promote oil and gas drilling off America’s beaches and coasts. This shapes up as a major belly flop. Or man overboard.

Throwing Caution to the Winds—and Waves

Drilling in the Arctic Ocean entails terrible risks. And efforts are afoot in Congress to make them even worse, by jettisoning safety regulations for the region.

How-To Guide: Permanent Protection for U.S. Marine Waters

President Obama has made excellent use of a time-honored tool for protecting vulnerable public seas from development. Like his predecessors dating back to Dwight D.

Tragic Trajectories: It’s Time to End Arctic Drilling

It doesn’t take a genius to see that drilling for oil in the Arctic Ocean is a really bad idea. Now, a new NRDC report, The Fate of the Arctic in Offshore Oil Blowouts, gives us a better idea of just how bad.