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LED Lighting Could Save Developing Countries $40 Billion/yr.

Developing and emerging economies could save $40 billion worth of electricity and prevent 320 million metric tonnes of carbon pollution annually simply by transitioning to LED lighting, according to estimates from United Nation’s Environment.

National Energy Use for TV Set-Top Boxes Down by 23 Percent

More than 90 million U.S. households have one or more set-top boxes connected to their televisions and these boxes from service providers like Comcast, AT&T, and Dish Network nationally consume lots of electricity every year.

Energy Efficiency: A Big Loser in Trump’s Proposed Budget

The Trump administration’s just-released federal budget proposal took a sledgehammer to our nation’s energy efficiency and clean energy programs.

Toughest Ticket in All of DC – 2017 ENERGY STAR Award Gala

One of the toughest tickets to get in DC is for tonight’s 2017 ENERGY STAR® awards gala where 152 businesses and organizations from across the nation are being recognized at a sold-out event hosted by the U.S.

ENERGY STAR Delivers Big for America: Why Put It at Risk?

Update: The Fiscal Year 2018 budget proposal from the Trump Administration would eliminate the ENERGY STAR program. NRDC has also posted a new Fact Sheet about the program here.