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Western Renewable Energy Just Keeps Getting Cheaper

Wind and solar projects in the western U.S. have reached price levels that few would have predicted even a few years ago. For those that have read our blogs before, you might be thinking that we’ve said that before, and, well, we have.

Oregon Cap and Invest Bill Is Ready for Prime-Time

When the Oregon legislature convenes in February, it will be presented with a serious legislative proposal for capping carbon and pricing carbon pollution, and investing in cutting emissions and creating a clean energy economy.

Utilities Must Partner In Coal Community Transition

The electric industry is changing rapidly. Inexpensive natural gas and rapidly burgeoning renewable energy are making coal plants around the country uneconomic. Coal plants are closing all around the country.

A Crucial Moment for Energy Efficiency in Colorado

The Public Utilities Commission of Colorado (“the Commission”) will soon decide the future of Xcel’s energy efficiency programs. Earlier this year, the state legislature gave the Commission authority to set new ten-year savings goals.

Yes, Renewables Are Leading the Fight Against Climate Change

Adding renewable, zero-carbon generation to an electricity system helps reduce carbon emissions, just like adding ice to a drink makes it colder.

Ontario Offers Valuable Cap and Invest Experience for Oregon

This post, authored by Arjun Krishnaswami, originally appeared as a guest post in Noah Long's blog.