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Yes, Renewables Are Leading the Fight Against Climate Change

Adding renewable, zero-carbon generation to an electricity system helps reduce carbon emissions, just like adding ice to a drink makes it colder.

Ontario Offers Valuable Cap and Invest Experience for Oregon

This post, authored by Arjun Krishnaswami, originally appeared as a guest post in Noah Long's blog.

Western U.S. Accelerating Climate Action Despite CPP Repeal

The Environmental Protection Agency announced this week that it has issued a proposal to repeal the Clean Power Plan (CPP), which aims to reduce dangerous carbon pollution from power plants.

When Coal Plants Close, Time to Invest in Communities

The Trump Administration is reportedly looking for ways to artificially prop up an economically struggling coal plant in Arizona, but support for the plant might come at the expense of support for affected communities.

In The West, Clean Energy Rising

Part of NRDC's Year-End Series Reviewing 2016 Energy Developments        

Western States Poised to Slash Carbon Emissions

The transition to a clean energy future is accelerating all across the country, and this shift has been particularly apparent in the west.