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Circuit-Breaking Net Metering Policy for Rooftop Solar Will Leave Everyone in the Dark

Net metering (NEM), which at its core is a simple policy that credits utility customers at the full "retail rate" for the solar power they generate and supply back to their local utility grid, is seeing a wide divergence in how it is being managed across the country these days.

California Public Utilities Commission Issues Proposal to Evolve Net Energy Metering

"Changes to net energy metering will kill rooftop solar!" the solar industry says.

"Greedy solar companies are shifting costs to lower-income, non-solar customers!" say the utilities.

Veterans Tell Congress: Extend the Investment Tax Credit ASAP

Here's a harsh truth for many military veterans: post-service employment opportunities can be hard to come by. That was the case for Nanncy Valais, who spent almost 10 years in Navy aviation administration and hoped to find civilian work in business administration.

California is one step away from keeping dirty fossil fueled backup generation out of demand response - for good

The dangers of inhaling dirty fumes from the combustion of diesel and other fossil fuels are well known. The bulk of this pollution comes from mobile sources like large trucks and ships moving heavy freight.

College student teams compete for the greenest, best-looking home in Orange County, Ca

"This is a leadership program," said Richard King, Director of the US Department of Energy's Solar Decathlon last week as he surveyed the scene at Orange County, California's Great Park in Irvine. "It's a talent incubator.

New report shows "flexiwatts" are the next big opportunity for a cleaner grid and customer savings

We hear it over and over again from naysayers of renewable energy from sources like wind and solar who claim that we will experience electricity grid failure if we rely too much on solar, wind and other variable renewable energy resources when, for instance the sun goes down and the wind sto