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Sacrificing the Arctic Refuge Can't Save Trump's Tax-Cut Plan for the Rich

You don’t pay for a $1.5 trillion handout with $100 million a year.

The Stone-Cold Truth About Our Warming Planet

A new federal report reveals just how uninhabitable the earth would become if we don’t act on climate now.

The Senate Must Reject These Four Nominees

President Trump and EPA chief Scott Pruitt are already doing enough harm. These administration nominees would make things much worse.

Why We Need the Clean Power Plan to Fight Climate Change

Trump’s EPA chief will be signing a proposed rule to roll back a major Obama-era rule on greenhouse gas emissions—and we must not let that happen.

Puerto Rico Restoration Must Be Sustainable, Equitable, and Just

As millions still lack basic necessities after the devastation of Hurricane Maria, we must help to rebuild this U.S. territory in every way possible—including addressing the impacts of climate change.