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Will Canada See the Forest for the Trees?

The boreal, one of the world’s largest carbon sinks, is in danger. By working to save it, Canada could make a quantum leap, culturally and environmentally.

Trump’s Budget Is a Blueprint for Destruction

The $4.4 trillion proposal slashes environmental and health protections, ignores climate change, and sacrifices our public lands and waters to fossil fuel companies—all while making the national debt soar.

No, Trump Has Not Ended the War on American Energy

His attack on our clean energy future is just getting started.

One Year of Trump’s Environmental Attacks—and More to Come

As the president ramps up his reckless rampage on our health and environment, we will continue to fight back.

Trump Moves to Open 90 Percent of Our Coastal Waters to Oil Drilling

The administration’s new five-year offshore drilling plan puts polluter profits over the public good—and risks another BP oil spill–style disaster.

The GOP Is Peddling a Massive Fraud on Our Pocketbooks and Our Lands

In a gift to the wealthiest Americans—and at the expense of our environment—President Trump is trying to push his reckless tax scam through before Christmas.