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Cuomo Promises Progress on Clean Energy, Environment in 2018

In his 2018 State of the State agenda unveiled this week, and in his live address today in the Capitol in Albany, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced plans to significantly ramp up energy efficiency in the state and tackle a host of important environmental issues—from toxic PCBs polluting the Hudson

Environmental Issues in the NYS 2017 Budget

The New York state budget negotiations, vintage 2017, were volatile, hard-fought, moody and now famously, late.

State to EPA: Don’t Leave NY with a Dirty Hudson River

Sometimes you have to face facts, even if the truth isn’t pretty.

Big Win for New Yorkers: Governor Proposes to Double the Size of the Environmental Protection Fund

These days, if you're looking for a champion of environmental protection, just direct your eyes over to the New York State governor's office, in Albany.

NY Attorney General Schneiderman Champions Climate With Investigations of Peabody Coal, ExxonMobil

This blog post was written with my colleague Theo Spencer.

Fund the Gap: The MTA needs a fully funded 5 year capital plan

As anyone who rides public transportation around New York City knows, it's not getting less crowed and more on time.