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Biomass Advocates to U.S. Pols in 2017: Avoid Mistakes of EU

Part of NRDC's Year-End Series Reviewing 2017 Energy & Climate Developments

Out of the Darkness and into the Light

In vulnerable pockets across the globe, women are benefiting themselves, their children, and their larger communities by learning how to harness renewable energy.

Solar and Wind Cheaper Than Biomass to Reliably Power the UK

A new study concludes that there is no economic or strategic case for coal-to-biomass conversion in the United Kingdom.

A Smokescreen for Forest Destruction

This blog was written in partnership with Adam Macon, Our Forests Aren't Fuel Campaign Director at the Dogwood Alliance.

Industry and NGOs in Historic Alliance Over Biomass Concerns

This is a guest blog by Kenneth Richter. Kenneth is a Germany-based consultant to NRDC and has worked on biomass issues for 9 years.

New Study: Biomass Dirty, Costly Path to UK Coal Phase-Out

A ground-breaking new study commissioned by NRDC and conducted by Vivid Economics, a London-based consultancy with expertise in UK energy systems, focuses squarely on how the United Kingdom can most cost-effectively phase out coal and replace it with the truly clean energy solutions we need to ensure a livable climate for future generations.