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What Can Happen When NEPA Is Ignored: The Oroville Dam

Justin McCarthy of the Partnership Project is a co-author of this Case Study.

Senate Planning to Allow More Invasive Species in the Great Lakes

Had enough zebra mussels and other invasive species in the Great Lakes?  The shipping industry thinks, “apparently not.” We’ve known for decades that their ships’ ballast water has been the primary entryway for invasive species like quagga mussels, “fish ebola” and bloody red shrimp into the Grea

Environment Fares Well in Funding Agreement

Federal Funding Finally

EPW’s New Bill of Old Attacks

This blog was written with contributions by Brian Siu, Director of Federal Affairs for NRDC.

Debunking the State of the Union on Infrastructure

How about this for a disastrous trifecta? President Trump was wrong on the facts, misguided in his emphasis and avoided the real issue when he discussed infrastructure last night.

Last GOP Govt Shutdown Hurt Real People—This One Could, Too

For at least half of his presidency, Donald Trump has itched for a budget impasse to force the government to close.