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Cities Talk Boldly About Taking Action in the Face of Storms

Tough talk about meeting the challenges of climate change abounded among city leaders at a C40 event marking Climate Week NYC this week, with city leaders staking a claim as first responders in the face of growing alarm over powerful hurricanes an

Houston Is Hurting and Our Leaders Need to Listen

How many monster storms does it take for us to realize “freak occurrences” such as Hurricane Harvey are part of the new normal due to warming water and land—with the devastating consequences exacerbated by aging and inadequate infrastructure and unfettered development?

Local Leaders Defy Trump’s Paris Withdrawal

We in the Urban Solutions program at NRDC were in Paris to watch the COP21 agreement happen, and we were part of the effort by cities to help nations and regions lead on climate. Now, with President Trump’s decision to reverse our nation’s commitments to this historic agreement, we turn to cities

Infrastructure Is an Environmental Issue

Any plan to improve U.S. infrastructure must not just meet environmental standards but also enhance our efforts to clean the air, improve water quality, boost health, and improve opportunity for all Americans.