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California Goes Big on EVs

Governor Brown released an Executive Order today providing the details of an initiative to put 5 million electric-drive vehicles (EVs) on the road by 2030, part of a new goal announced yesterday in his

The World's Biggest EV Program Was Just Adopted. Here's Why.

China unveiled new, significant requirements for automakers to produce electric vehicles as part of its fuel efficiency rules for cars and trucks.

New Progress Report Shows Low Carbon Fuel Standard Working

California released an encouraging batch of new numbers today that confirm continued success in the state’s effort to expand the use of cleaner fuels.

CA Officials Reaffirm Clean Cars Standards [Updated]

[This is an update from my previous blog] Officials from the California Air Resources Board (ARB) voted unanimously to reaffirm the state's clean car standards today at their hearing in Riverside, CA – a city facing among the worst air pollution in the nation – giving an official green light to s

CA Officials Poised to Reaffirm Clean Cars Standards

Officials from the California Air Resources Board (ARB) will gather tomorrow in Riverside – a city facing among the worst air pollution in the nation – to discuss the status of the s

Why Attacking California’s Clean Car Program Is a Loser

The Trump Administration today directed federal agencies to begin rolling back commonsense clean car and fuel economy standards