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NY Anti-Wind Bill Could Hurt Clean Energy Economy

The New York State Assembly should reject Assembly Bill A.9053A, which would unfairly prohibit state funding for wind power facilities in six large areas near the

Clean Heating Is Part of NY’s Energy Efficiency Solution

Achieving New York’s climate and clean energy goals hinges upon a comprehensive and ambitious plan to increase energy efficiency savings in New York across all fuels.

More Energy Efficiency Will Benefit New York, Gov. Cuomo

More energy efficiency can help New Yorkers create new good clean energy jobs, enjoy better health, and save billions, as a NRDC fact sheet published today shows.

NY Spurs Community Solar by Upping Project Size Threshold

In a win for solar power in New York, the state’s Public Service Commission (PSC) released an order expected to encourage more communities to pursue shared solar projects by increasing the max

4 Reasons for Optimism in New Sustainable Energy Factbook

The latest Sustainable Energy in America Factbook showed that 2017 was a landmark year in energy efficiency and renewable energy: wind and solar installations surged and greenhouse gas emissions declined to the lowest level that they ha

49 Groups’ (Energy Efficiency) Love Letter to Gov. Cuomo

This Valentine’s day, NRDC, along with 48 organizations, sent a letter to Governor Cuomo expressing support for energy efficiency and urging him to show his love for clean en