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Monarch Butterfly Numbers Remain Dangerously Low

The World Wildlife Fund and their partners announced the results of their yearly monarch butterfly survey today at 2.48 hectares, down 14% from last year’s count of 2.91.  While this year’s count is not as dire as the numbers have ever been, the population remains dangerously low.

March 05, 2018

EPA Gets It Wrong on Enlist Duo—Again

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has once again failed to fully evaluate the impacts of the combination pesticide Enlist Duo before approving it for use—and NRDC is once again taking the agency to court.

March 21, 2017

Monarch Population Dips While EPA Re-Approves Pesticide Use

The monarch butterfly population has declined yet again to 2.91 hectares—almost 30% less than last year’s population. The monarch population has been in steady decline for the past 20 years—reaching a high of over 20 hectares in 1997 and plunging to 0.67 hectares in 2014.

February 09, 2017