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DOI: Public Lands Are for Private Exploitation, Others Keep Out

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke made sweeping changes this week 

Zinke Doubles Price to Parks, Gives Gifts to Polluters

Many eyebrows and a good deal of ire were raised recently when the Interior Department announced it planned to double and in

CA and NM Sue To Stop Interior Department Taxpayer Rip Off

California and New Mexico filed a legal challenge this week against yet another attempt by the Trump Administration and Interior Department Secretary

Interior Secretary Zinke's Assault on America's Public Lands

You may not be aware that the US Department of Interior controls one fifth of the land in the United States—including our national parks, and 35,000 miles of coastline—and manages the drinking water of one in 10 Americans.

Interior Department: Let's Fast Track Public Land Giveaways

(This blog was largely written by my colleague Amy Mall)

The Fight to Stop a Strip Mine Near Bryce Canyon: A History

We think approving the expansion of a massive new open pit strip mine in Utah, wedged between Bryce Canyon and Zion national parks, is a bad idea. You can read the details on why here.