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Progress-through Unlikely Partnership-with Wildlife Services

Two years ago, NRDC and Montana Wildlife Services warily shook hands and agreed to try an experimental project working with each other and with ranchers to install electrified (“turbo”) fladry around livestock pastures in wolf country throughout the western part of state.

On Saving the World: My Summer at NRDC in Montana

Guest blog post written by Angela Hessenius

Yellowstone Grizzly “Delisting” Rule is Flawed and Premature

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) issued a final rule to remove Yellowstone-area grizzly bears from the federal list of threatened and endangered species today.

Time to Retire the M-44

Versions of this blog first appeared as op-eds in the Helena Independent Record,

Riding to Reduce Conflicts—by Daniel Anderson

The following is a guest blog written by Daniel Anderson, a native of Tom Miner Basin and a range rider for the Tom Miner Basin Association.