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This Farm Bill Can Make or Break Organic Farmers

Update (May 22, 2018): The House of Representatives has rejected the House Agriculture Committee's first attempt at a Farm Bill.

A Lost Opportunity on the Farm Bill

Every five years or so, a new Farm Bill rolls around and the Farm Bill introduced in the House last week is a gutter ball of the first order.

House Republicans Waste Their Chance at a Farm Bill

The Farm Bill may have been Congress’s best shot to find common ground and pass bipartisan legislation this year, and they just blew it.

The Hyper-Partisan House Farm Bill Should Be Plowed Under

From farmers plowing their fields as dawn breaks to harried parents putting food on the dinner table at the end of a busy day, we all want our food to be safe, healthy, and readily available. From farm to fork, our food system should be something we can be proud of.

Scott Pruitt Has Betrayed the Mission, the National Interest, and the Public Trust

The EPA chief is destroying the integrity of the agency—and the public is paying the price. It's time for him to go.