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Last GOP Govt Shutdown Hurt Real People—This One Could, Too

For at least half of his presidency, Donald Trump has itched for a budget impasse to force the government to close.

One Year of Trump’s Environmental Attacks—and More to Come

As the president ramps up his reckless rampage on our health and environment, we will continue to fight back.

Chilean Courts Protect Patagonia’s Puelo and Cuervo Rivers

Local residents and environmentalists in Chile are enjoying a prolonged New Year’s celebration, thanks to two major legal decisions that will protect the country’s free-flowing rivers.

Another Manganese Threat to Chicago’s Southeast Side

In the latest chapter on neurotoxic manganese threatening a Chicago residential community, recently revealed inspection reports show that the City of Chicago and EPA inspectors uncovered alarming problems with industrial dust pollution this past fall, at yet another facility handling manganese ne

The Real Lowdown: The Trump and Congressional Republican Assault on Our Environment, Vol. 36

The Trump administration’s New Year gift to polluters: opening up nearly all of America’s coasts to oil and gas drilling, plus more ongoing attacks on our health and planet.

An Open Letter to NYC Mayor de Blasio on Congestion Pricing

How to secure funds to rescue and rehabilitate New York City's beleaguered subway, bus and commuter rail system is among the most important policy issues facing the nation's largest city in 2018.