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Pruitt’s To Do (or Not To Do) List for Toxic PFAS Chemicals

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has a big problem on his hands, and it isn’t that people are saying mean things to him on airplanes.

To Share Our Stories Is to Share Our History

We mark this Asian Pacific American Heritage Month by celebrating the stories and experiences of Asian Americans behind our country’s national monuments and sites. 

U.N.’s New Global Initiative to Accelerate Phaseout of Incandescents and Shift to LED Bulbs

The plan will help emerging and developing economies save billions of dollars and prevent millions of tons in carbon emissions. 

New UN Model Lighting Regulation = $18 Billion in Savings

The United Nations today announced a groundbreaking model energy efficiency regulation for everyday light bulbs that can be easily adopted by interested developing and emerging economies.

Reno’s Green Building Awards Celebrates Efficiency Leaders

The biggest little city is making good on its nickname and showing some big leadership, as the City of Reno held its first annual Green Building Awards celebrating the accomplishments of local leaders in building energy efficiency.