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Get on the bus!

I wanted to title this "Connecting the DOTs (Departments of Transportation)," but it's really more about where the buck stops and bus stops.

The great sucking sound from the coal lobby

David Roberts in the Gristmill makes a good observation today about the coal industries often simultaneous claims that coal is the only solution (regardless of the problem) and all that next generation coal needs to work is

Senate energy bill missing key biofuels safeguards

While the excitement about the Senate's passage of a bill that would finally increase vehicle fuel economy performance (the last time the Senate did this was 1975!!!) is absolutely warranted, we should not loose sight of the bill significant shortcomings in other areas.

Making history in the Senate

As the media picks up on the remarkable events in the Senate earlier tonight, it's worth putting this vote in context.

Watching them build next gen biofuels in real time

Just a very cool link to share: Chippewa Valley Ethanol Company, LLC - Gasification update webcam. CVEC is an ethanol producer in Minnesota that is adding a biomass gasification pilot unit.

Biofuels equals water pollution? Depends on how you look at it

An interesting article in Environmental Science and Technology today connecting fertilizer use, water pollution, and agricultural subsidies.