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“Nobel Prizers” on Deforestation

Yesterday, I attended a sort of star studded event with my colleague Jacob Scherr to discuss reducing emissions from deforestation as a part of efforts to tackle global warming pollution, hosted by a group called Avoided Defo

Not All Lobbyists Are Created Equal: The Current Energy Bills

I am an environmental advocate. That means sometimes I travel to Washington to lobby Congress on behalf of the issues NRDC cares about. Big Oil companies dispatches lobbyists to the Hill as well.

New health research on the impacts of oil and gas production

I regularly get calls from people around the country, from the east coast to the west coast and many places in between, concerned about the health risks of  the oil and gas activities that are coming to their communities as part of the national drilling boom.  Last year NRDC looked at these

Californians to Speak Out to Save Our State Parks

Today in Del Mar, California, the Bush Administration is finally holding a public hearing on the fate of the state park at San Onofre.

The Passing of an Environmental Giant

Last week I learned about the untimely death of Phil Clapp, one of our fiercest and most devoted environmental champions.

Do no evil + bring good things to life

Wednesday Google and GE announced a partnership to work on smart grid technology together to help enable plug-in hybrids.