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A Factory Where Clean Vehicles, Public Transit, and Economic Growth Converge

In his State of the Union address and his federal budget, President Obama championed incentives for cleaner vehicles, expanded public transit, and more American jobs.

Biggest Provision of Recovery Bill Infrastructure $ Can Be Used for Fuel-Efficient Rail Projects Too

The single biggest pot of money provided to states and local jurisdictions for investments in transportation infrastructure -- a $27.5 billion shot-in-the-arm -- is more flexible than many realize, and President Obama and the web site should remind governors and mayors of that fact.

Part II: Stemming the Tide of Toxic Chemicals -- Why Now?

As I wrote earlier this week, our national system for regulating toxic chemicals is broken and desperately in need of repair.

Three Cheers for President Obama

I just finished watching President Obama's stirring speech to employees of the Department of the Interior.  As expected, the President announced that he was issuing a memorandum ordering federa

Community Clean Energy Leaders Wanted!

Get EnergizedTwo budding entrepreneurs, Mark Rembert and Tay