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UC team on biofuels and land-use GHG emissions

First I wrote about how a group of scientists had called on California to at least temporarily not include GHG emissions from indirect land-use change when looking at the emissions of biofuels.

Faster Freight Does Not Mean Cleaner Air

Last week, I attended a shipping industry love-fest in New York called “Faster Freight, Cleaner Air.”  Yes, that’s right, the industry types reading from the rosy scenario script wanted to reassure each other that our nation’s cargo movement system

The flexible, adaptable, Endangered Species Act

Over at the ESA blog, Keith Rizzardi has a post up about NOAA Fisheries new “incidental take permit” for listed species of salmon and steelhead in Washington.  Basically, because there are both listed and unlisted

Testifying on implementing the RFS

I went to Washington, DC yesterday and testified before the U.S.

By the way, mice can't read maps

Today the Fish and Wildlife Service formally issued one of those decisions that makes you stop and scratch your head.  They have decided to remove endangered species protections from the threatened Preble’s Meadow Jumping M