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Missing the Train on the Recovery Package

Walking through a checklist of items needed for my trek to downtown D.C.

Summing Up the Bush Legacy

Last week, Diane Rehm of NPR asked me to be on her show discussing the Bush environmental legacy.

Climate, Congress, and USCAP

Joe Romm posted a pretty scathing comment about the USCAP Blueprint on his Climate Progress blog a couple of days ago.  He

True Leadership Coming to EPA, Part III

This is the final part of my three-part open letter to the new EPA administrator, Lisa Jackson, regarding the changes that are needed to help us tackle urgent environmental problems more effectively.

True Leadership Coming to EPA, Part II

This is part two of my three-part series on the ways the new administration, guided by a revitalized EPA, can strengthen environmental protections, and steer America away from the threats of climate change, toxic pollution and other environmental disasters.

Biofuels are better than nothing

Today in Time, Bryan Walsh's story ("Biofuels: The New Alchemy") makes some good points and some misleading ones.