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Great discussion of land sufficiency and biofuels (part 1)

Just finished Chapter 4 of "Energy and American Society - Thirteen Myths." The chapter is titled "Energy Myth three - High land requirements and an unfavorable energy balance preclude biomass ethanol from playing a large role in pro

The role of conservation in a biofuels economy

Today, I spoke at the Soil and Water Conservation Society's annual conference as part of panel during the conference's main plenary session. Here is a quick summary of what the panel covered and my reaction.

A good question on GMOs and cellulosic biofuels

When people take the time to learn the details of how producing biofuels from cellulosic biomass is expected to work, they often raise good questions about the anticipated use of genetically modified organisms. For example, JM (actually that's Dr.

Smart and green on the streets of NYC

The car gods smiled on me this morning on the way to work. First I saw my first Smart Car tucked, I mean parked cutely on a corner where any other car would have gotten a ticket.

Citibank says coal bad for environment and your stock portfolio

Thanks to Vickie Patton over at Environmental Defense for this information.

New NRDC study on plug-in hybrid electric vehicles

NRDC and the Electric Power Research Institute participated in a National Press Club event this morning to release 2 reports on the environmental impact of plug-in hybrids.