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Big Coal: No Corporate Social Responsibility for us, please

 Updated on October 21, 2008 -- Corporate social responsibility" (CSR) is all the rage today in corporate America. 

Tales of Texas Tar Balls and other Drilling Horrors

Interesting article by a Texas college professor who points out that most Americans wouldn't recognize crude oil if it oozed onto their lap. 

Hey, Congress: Voters Want Candid Answers, Not Canned Responses on Climate Change

When I step into the polling booth, I base my vote on a host of issues related to the records (and promises) of those vying for political office.  But most important to me is what a candidate has done or is willing to do to protect the environment.  

A second chance for wolves…and wildlife officials

Today a federal judge agreed to allow the federal government to withdraw their delisting proposal and reinstate endangered species protections to wolves in the northern Rockies.

Building a Bridge to Somewhere

"We built a really inefficient environment with the greatest efficiency ever known to man." -- Andy Karsner, Asst Sec for Energy and Efficiency and Renewable Energy at Department of Energy, as quoted in Tom Friedman's Hot, Flat and Crowded

Oceans in a High CO2 World

Today, Prince Albert II of Monaco, along with a number of secondary school students and teachers of the principality, are attending The Second International Symposium in a High CO2 World, a conference on ocean acidification.