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Update on UL and E85 pumps

My colleague Amelia Nuding did some research on the status of the Underwriters certification of E85 fuel dispensers. Here's a summary of what she found.

MN gets E85 Everywhere

Or at least that's what Gov Pawlenty would like to see happen along with some ethanol from cellulose development according to

Cellulosic Ethanol and the RFS

An article by Tom Webb in the Pioneer Press raises a critical problem with the current renewable fuels standards.

NRDC's President on Biofuels

In the latest issue of OnEarth, NRDC's president, Frances Beinecke, has a thoughtful letter about biofuels, agriculture, soil, and global warming. (N.B.

Danish Report on Offshore Wind

Here‚ the link to a report just put out by the Danish Energy Authority that summarizes five years of environmental monitoring at Nysted and Horns Rev offshore wind projects.