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The Daily Show on Cape Wind

First let me say that if I had to only choose one fake news source it would be the Daily Show. Funny, funny stuff. And it only gets funnier when John and has crew takes on issues close to home.

Those New Subaru Ads

Anybody catch the new Subaru ad?

NetNow roll up (or what I'm reading)

One result of writing this blog is that I've learned about a number of blogs out there that, day after day, offer some great commentary on developments in my field. I want to share what I've found.

Chaos in the House but probably no RFS--on to conference

Our legislative director, Karen Wayland, has the following to report on the House's efforts to rap things up before leaving for the August recess.

Making the invisible visible and doing it beautifully

Last week, Wired carried a very smart article (Clive Thompson Thinks: Desktop Orb Could Reform Energy Hogs) about how the invisibility of our energy consumption makes re

Great discussion of land sufficiency and biofuels (part 3)

Here's the exciting (at least to me) conclusion of my summary of Lee Lynd, Mark Laser, John McBride, Kara Podkaminer, and John Hannon's chapter on the myths surrounding the potential for ethanol to play a large role in providing energy service needs.