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Two Science articles make the risk of bad biofuels clear

Two articles appearing today in Science Magazine make the risk of bad biofuels clearer than ever.

What Do We Want to Stimulate?

Five years ago, the only conversations I had about global warming were with other environmentalists. Now I spend most of my time talking about climate change with CEOs from Fortune 500 companies. Increasingly, they realize that confronting global warming presents financial opportunities.

How to Get Safer Sushi

Last week the New York Times caused a flap among fish lovers when it detected alarmingly high levels of mercury in several samples of tuna sushi bought from Manhattan restaurants and sto

Eating Well for Yourself and for the Next Generation

I recently read about Michael Pollan’s new book, In Defense of Food--currently the second best-selling hardcover in the nation.

The Passing of In Business

It's a tough time for print media, with unrelenting competitive pressures from proliferating alternatives for getting news and information on television and online.