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The dangers of the food vs. fuel debate

A quick review of a Google news search for "ethanol" and "food" is instructive. Here's an excerpt of the results:

Polar bear pileup

Just to expand a bit on David's very smart post about the White House's phony "regulatory train wreck" scaremongering over efforts to fight global warming with existing environmental laws, it's worth noting that one of the other laws that t

In Memory of Professor Alex Farrell

We at NRDC will sorely miss Professor Alex Farrell, who died at his home in San Francisco last Sunday.

No Free Ride

Gas taxes, federal and state, are key revenue sources for public investments in transportation infrastructure and operations.

Career Day in West LA

This week, I spoke at “Career Day” at a large, urban West LA high school.  The listing for my occupation on the school’s schedule was “environm

The Phony “Train Wreck”

President Bush’s advisors claimed this week that using the Clean Air Act and other existing laws to fight global warming will cause “a regulatory train wreck.”  The only “train wreck” we’ll have is if the president