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The State of Fish on World Water Day

Last month, many of the world’s eminent biologists, ecologists and economists gathered in the Vatican to assess the condition of the world’s species.  The outlook was grim:  1

Colorado’s Call of the Wild

The state used to be home to gray wolves. Can it ever get them back?

Chamber Inflates Costs, Ignores Benefits of Climate Action

The Paris Climate Agreement, which entered into force in November, represents a historic step toward preventing catastrophic climate change, with 195 countries signing on and pledging to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Less Beef, Less Carbon

Finally, some good news on climate change: Whether they know it or not, Americans have been fighting it with their forks.  

The Pruitt Emails: A Petrochemical Puppet Show

Part 2 of The Pruitt Emails

In Act 1 we examined Scott Pruitt’s using the Oklahoma Attorney General’s office to do the bidding of natural gas giant Devon Energy.