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Goldman Sachs Underestimates WaterFix Costs for Westlands

The Sacramento Bee reported this week that the Board of Directors of the Westlands Water District were skeptical of paying for the Delta tunnels project (WaterFix).

The Budget Is an Oil-Filled Trojan Horse

Congress has officially launched the next phase in the ongoing budget battle, with the House holding a mark-up of budget legislation that, if ultimately successful, will lay out the framework for the federal budget going forward. 

The National Ocean Policy at Seven

Today the National Ocean Policy turns 7 and I’m increasingly amazed our country ever managed without it.

Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee Want Strong Fuel Economy Standards

There is overwhelming, bipartisan support for strong fuel economy standards in the Midwest auto manufacturing strongholds of Ohio, Indiana and Tennessee, according to recent surveys.

California Leads Off: Now RGGI Must Grab the Climate Baton

California just set a new bar for what U.S. climate leadership looks like.