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India Green News: India Reaffirms Paris Commitments & More

India Green News: India reaffirms Paris climate commitments; Solar power tariff falls further to Rs. 2.44 per unit; Union minister Harsh Vardhan launches ‘Safar-Air’ Ahmedabad services

Eliminating Conservation as We Know It: A Budget Proposal

In March we wrote about the Trump administration’s “skinny budget” and how a proposed 12% cut to Department of Interior’s (DOI) 2018 Fiscal Year budget would be devastating to the hundreds of millions of ac

Don't Be Fo$$il Fooled

Conveying President Trump’s wish list for the next federal budget, OMB Director Mick Mulvaney recently said, "The president wants a smaller EPA. He thinks they overreach . . . You can’t drain the swamp and leave all the people in it."

Trump Budget Attacks Montreal Protocol, Reagan’s Crown Jewel

The Trump FY18 budget proposal slashes funding to support compliance with the Montreal Protocol, Ronald Reagan’s treaty to save the ozone layer.  

Energy Efficiency: A Big Loser in Trump’s Proposed Budget

The Trump administration’s just-released federal budget proposal took a sledgehammer to our nation’s energy efficiency and clean energy programs.

Trump Budget Slashes Coastal and Ocean Funding

The Trump Administration’s 2018 federal budget proposal doubles down on attempts to weaken our nation’s ocean and coastal arm, the