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Chilean Courts Protect Patagonia’s Puelo and Cuervo Rivers

Local residents and environmentalists in Chile are enjoying a prolonged New Year’s celebration, thanks to two major legal decisions that will protect the country’s free-flowing rivers.

FERC Rejects Perry’s Coal/Nuke Bailout, Finding It Illegal

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has rejected U.S.

Another Manganese Threat to Chicago’s Southeast Side

In the latest chapter on neurotoxic manganese threatening a Chicago residential community, recently revealed inspection reports show that the City of Chicago and EPA inspectors uncovered alarming problems with industrial dust pollution this past fall, at yet another facility handling manganese ne

California Takes 5 Steps Toward Energy Equity

Approximately one in five California households lives at or below the federal poverty level—$32,000 for a family of two—but new energy efficiency and clean energy programs, regulatory protections

Congress Must Act to Protect the Health of Storm Survivors

Congress must pass strong, bipartisan emergency legislation to protect the health of hurricane and fire survivors.

California Leaders: Pass Clean Energy and Water Bills Now

Co-authored by Nikita Koraddi, California Legislative Advocate