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The Heartland Memo: Less Science, More Pollution, Please

The Heartland Institute and its polluter allies think Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency isn't doing enough for its fossil fuel friends.

NRDC Signs on to Shared Mobility Principles

The rapid pace of technology-driven innovation in shared transportation presents tremendous opportunities, as well as risks.

Clean Energy Jobs vs. Tax Cuts for the Rich

If Congress wants to support a strong American workforce and boost the economy, federal clean energy and vehicle tax incentives are the way to go—consumer savings, and a cleaner, healthier environment will follow for red and blue states alike.

Clean Water Act at 45: Despite Success, It's Under Attack

Today is the 45th anniversary of the adoption of the Clean Water Act. This post takes a quick look at where we were, where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going on clean water policy.

Toxic Toys? After Nine Years, a Ban on Harmful Chemicals Becomes Official

The Consumer Product Safety Commission voted today to ban five types of phthalates in children’s toys and other products.

Extreme Heat Takes a Toll on Our Mental Health

As the climate changes, extreme heat will have graver consequences for our physical and mental well-being.