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A Not So Happy Valentine's Day for the Pebble Mine

What’s worse than being dumped on Valentine’s Day? Being sued by your ex the day after.

Baseless Threats to California's Clean Car Waiver

California, long a land of pioneers, leads the nation in developing emissions standards to reduce pollution from cars and trucks. These standards have cleaned up the Golden State’s air, and have benefited other states following California’s lead.

Is Louisiana's New Coastal Protection Plan a Chance to Lead?

For many people, saving Louisiana's coast from the rising tides of the Gulf of Mexico would be a priority if only to save the wonderful City of New Orleans.

Wildlife Crime Included as a Top Law Enforcement Priority

Late last week, President Trump signed a new Executive Order whose goal is to “strengthen enforcement of Federal law in order to thwart transnational crimi

Connect the Dots Between Climate Change and Public Health

Over 700 people—most of them elderly or poor—died prematurely during the 1995 Chicago heat wave.

Latin America Green News: 2/9 - 2/16/2017

Colombian Sustainable Fund officially launches, campaign to protect Chilean Patagonia’s seas, Mexico’s stellar second energy auction