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End of the Line for Kodachrome and What That Means for Climate Protection

This week Kodak announced that it was ceasing production of its flagship film product: Kodachrome.  Photographers treasured this film as providing the sharpest and most vivid images, as well as the longest storage lifetime.  The film was, of course, done in by the increasing technological pr

Lunatic Fringe Watch: Wing Nuts Unleashed on ACES Climate Bill

If you feel the ground shaking under your feet that is because the United States is about to be swallowed up into the bowels of Hell as the U.S. Senate takes up climate legislation.

Or so Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin would have you believe.

¡Obama Actúa para Proteger el Océano!

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Patagonia Chilena debe ser Patrimonio de la Humanidad

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Harnessing the Power of Efficiency in the Midwest

Good old Midwestern pragmatism is on display in Illinois and Missouri this week, as Governors Quinn and Nixon sign legislation expanding the role of energy efficiency as a resource that can lower our gas and electric bills while curbing pollution and creating the kind of jobs that we nee

Mi Patagonia

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