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A Clean Energy Employer Rises in the Desert

I write a lot on this blog about tackling global warming and expanding green tech. So I wanted to shine a spotlight on a clean energy solution that is rising out of the New Mexican desert right now.

The Invisible Hand Can Have a Green Thumb

2007 was the year that America’s business pages turned green. Everybody wanted to get into the act. Companies from well-known leaders like Whole Foods and Toyota to historical laggards GM and ExxonMobil were touting their plans to save the planet.

Wolves: good for antelopes (for coyotes, not so much)

A new study in the journal Ecology, continues to confirm the remarkable effect that wolves are having on the greater Yellowstone ecosystem.  S

EPA Denies Waiver but does not dispute California program is better than CAFE

On Leap Day, EPA announced a giant leap of logic.  EPA finally released its explanation for denying California permission to implement its landmark Clean Cars program to cut global warming pollution from tailpipes.

A Man for All Seasons

So last night I caught the classic film, “A Man for All Seasons,” about Sir Thomas More’s principled refusal to take orders from King Henry VIII.  There was a character in there who reminded me of EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson – and it wasn’t Sir Thomas More.