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Interesting Data Points for Renewables, Natural Gas in EIA Monthly Energy Review

Last week, the Energy Information Administration or EIA (the non-partisan energy data and analysis unit of the federal government) released its Monthly Energy Review, which covers a wide range of energy statistics, including pricing, gener

Hawaii's Resident Whales

Hawaiin false killer whale mother and calf

The Senate's Clean Energy and Climate Bill: The Right Step at the Right Time

Senators Boxer and Kerry have just released a strong bill that will help America curb climate change and strengthen our economy.

The bill, called the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act, is the right step at the right time.

Lawmakers Watch NRDC's film ACID TEST on Capitol Hill

I was on Capitol Hill yesterday, with my dear friend Sigourney Weaver and Senator Lautenberg, to do a screening of NRDC's new film Acid Test, and to talk about how to

At the Confluence of Water Use and Energy Production

On my commute on the NYC subway this morning (which by the way I discovered is decreasing in carbon intensity), I came across this New York Times story, "

Senate Gets Rolling with American Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act

Senators John Kerry and Barbara Boxer kicked off the Senate's effort to pass comprehensive climate and energy legislation today by introducing the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act.  The Environment and Pu