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Powering California’s Clean Energy Job Mill

Whoever claims that jobs and the environment don’t go hand in hand has never been to California.

A Fair and Balanced Look at California Water (no, really)

Yesterday, High Country News published an in-depth look at California water issues.  The story covers a lot of ground: from how Westlands Water District was formed, to the effects of drought on Westlands’ farmers today, and the effects o

George Woodwell: Climate crisis calls for swift action on Cape Wind

As my colleague, Brandi Colander, wrote last week the trails for Cape Wind continue, but finally Secr

Senator Murkowski: Don’t Create a Dirty Air Act, Protect Alaska from Global Warming Instead

Senator Lisa Murkowski says she is against just about every carbon-capping bill on the table right now. That is her prerogative, despite the fact that the Alaskan people she represents are suffering more than any other Americans from global warming.

Driving Innovation Through Renewable Policy

In the past few days, there have been a number of articles exploring a similar theme – the importance of U.S. government policy in driving renewable energy investment.

Buzz kill: Unregulated spread of disease puts native bumble bees at risk

By now most of you have heard of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) – the mysterious condition that is causing the precipitous decline of honey bees.  In the US, these honey bees are not native and were brought h