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USA Today Editorializes Against Mountaintop Removal

Kudos to the USA Today for coming out strong in its opposition to the worst of the worst coal mining: mountaintop removal.  Today's excellent, hold-no-punches

Driving Toward Clean Air at Our Nation’s Ports

This post was co-written with Carl Pope, executive director of the Sierra Club. NRDC and Sierra Club are members of the Coalition for Clean and Safe Ports, supporters of the clean truck program.

Support Wind, Save a Mountain: The Battle for Coal River Mountain

Let me get this straight.

Investor's Business Daily Misleads on Polar Bears

Investor’s Business Daily just published a foolish editorial about the U.S.

On The Beach

Last weekend, as part of a worldwide effort to raise environmental consciousness, Jessica Lass, Noah Garrison and I joined 100 or so others to pick up trash along a stretch of Santa Monica Beach.  Collectively, we picked up 40 pounds of trash, largely cigare