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Restoring Water Quality Protections Will Save Mountains

I can feel the momentum shifting in the fight to end mountaintop removal coal mining.

The Other Dirty Coal Shoe Drops in Nevada

People go to Nevada to win big, but sometimes they end up losing big. That's what just happened to the coal industry.

A bad call on wolves

Illegally shot male wolf in Idaho

Part IV -- Stemming the Tide of Toxic Chemicals: What the Obama Administration Must Do Now

In the months after last November’s election, NRDC’s health program developed a list of more than 50 steps that the new administration needed to undertake quickly.

Dances with wolves: one step forward, two steps back

Today the Secretary of the Interior affirmed a Bush administration push to delist wolves in the Northern Rocky Mountains.  This decision is obviously a great disappointment to those of us who have worked so hard to make

Tivos For The TVA: The Latest From The Clowns Who Brought Us Kingston

There's some encouraging news this week that the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) may swear off wet fly ash storage at coal-fired power plants, but who knows if we can trust them to do so when the heat is off