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How toxic are hydraulic fracturing fluids? Ask Louisiana.

In April of this year, 17 cows died in Caddo Parish, Louisiana, after apparently drinking fluid that had spilled from a nearby natural gas wellpad. The local sheriff's office, although the designated first responder, was not notified and found out from community residents.

Duke Study Details the Health Hazards of Coal Ash

A few weeks after the December disaster in Tennessee, in which a ruptured waste "containment pond" at a TVA power plant spilled over a billion gallons of liquefied coal ash into the Emory River and over 300 acres of the surrounding community, I

Talking Climate at Poder Magazine's Oceans Forum

In addition to places of wonder and beauty, our oceans are vital economic engines. The U.S. ocean economy contributes more than $230 billion to the nation's GDP annually, providing more more jobs and more economic output than the nation's entire farm sector.

Mountaintop Removal: FAIL

If you're looking for guaranteed belly laughs, you gotta check out failblog.  There's no sense in describing the insanely funny photos -- the humor is self-explanatory.  The site inspired me to create a "fail" for

Wyoming's wild Red Desert at risk

There is a great little film about Wyoming's wild Red Desert posted on our sister blog, greenlight, part of OnEarth magazine.