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Chu on This: Coal is Our Worst Nightmare

Steven Chu, Presdent-elect Obama's choice to head the U.S.

Bush Administration to Strip Wolves of Federal Protections—Except for Wyoming

The Bush Administration has announced that it will remove protections under the Endangered Species Act from wolves in the northern Rocky Mountains.  Today's decision comes just months after a previou

Let's Begin with a billion gallons of the best

At his Senate confirmation hearing today, Governor Vilsack smartly dodged questions about allowing increased blends of ethanol in regular gasoline (subscription required), and focused on his support for advanced biof

Going-out-of-Business Sale on Dirty Fuels

There is less than a week before President-elect Obama's inauguration.

What's the time, Mr. Wolf?

There is a rule in the children's game that when Mr. Wolf calls out "Midnight!" all the players run back to their starting point.  Only this midnight rule is no game.