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Distraction, Misleading Energy Claims, and the Washington Post

The Washington Post just ran an editorial highlighting an ad the NRDC Action Fund printed in the paper.

An elephant never forgets...

I just came across this opinion piece touting the benefits of big-game hunting on wildlife conservation generally, and African elephants in particular.  The authors write:

EPA’s “Clean Air Mercury Rule” and the Dog Days of Summer

In late May, the full U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C.

A giant step backwards for wildlife

Ahhh, the Bush Administration.  Today the U.S.

Planet Gore Replies

Greg Pollowitz has posted a reply to my critique of his post on the

Why I Am a Fan of Tire Gauges: The Overlooked Potential of Efficiency

For the record, I have been a fan of the much-talked about tire gauge for years now. Long before it became a prop in this summer’s presidential campaign, I gave them away to friends and family.