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The Federal Maritime Commission: Not Just Bad For The Environment

 But a job-killer as well.  Today, the FMC voted 2-1 to put the Clean Trucks Plan of the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach on ice for more than 45 days

Nanomaterials: Failure to Warn

Today the online information site nanowerk posted a commentary from Skip Lockard, a toxic-tort lawyer based in Atlanta, warning manufacturers and retailers of products containing nanomateria

Salazar at the Interior Department: So Much at Stake

I welcome the news that President-elect Obama has appointed Senator Ken Salazar at the Secretary of the Interior.

Green Not Just the Color of Money in Vegas

A new poll reveals that most people in Nevada support clean, green energy.   

Coal Carolers R.I.P.

The lumpy little coal characters who sang their way to infamy last week may be gone, but it's doubtful the coal industry will learn a lesson from the PR fiasco. 

What's Worse than Chemo? A Common Toxin that Renders It Less Effective

I had breast cancer almost ten years ago, and I found chemotherapy to be more trying than I could have imagined.