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Climate "Scopes" Trial: The Chamber Makes A Monkey Of Itself

We double-checked our calendar this morning to make sure that it wasn't April 1st.

The New Tar Sands Oil Pipeline: A Junkie's Last Fix

Having recently returned from the extensive tar sands oil fields of Alberta, I was alarmed to learn that our State Department just approved a new pipeline for funneling tar sands fuel straight into the U.S. Midwest.

Rainstorm Couldn't Stop the Made in America Jobs Tour

A ferocious storm provided an electrifying backdrop for the recent kick-off of the Made in America Jobs Tour, the first of 22 rallies across the country to promote the job creating potential of a new clean energy economy. 

TVA Coal Ash Costs Could Exceed $3 Billion

So far, the Tennessee Valley Authority has spent $168 million toward the cleanup of its massive coal ash spill in Tennessee last December.  That includes $65 million in settlements with Roane County residents who suffered property damage, according to the

Watch a "major league" wind turbine installation

Our friends over at the Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) posted this 90-second video taken last week on a "major league"-sized wind tubine installation in Colorado.  This wind turgine, which represents a new b

Thanks to EPA for investigating drinking water contamination in Wyoming

Residents of rural Pavillion, Wyoming, have been concerned about contamination of their drinking water sources for several years. After an expansion of natural gas drilling in their community, residents began reporting strong odors, water turning black, and bad tasting water.