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Wind Energy in the Heartland

What U.S. state comes to mind when you hear the words "renewable energy"?  I'm guessing your immediate thought was California and possibly Texas.

More calls for EPA and OMB to put RFS rule out for public comment

The pressure has been building on the Obama administration to release for public comment EPA's draft rule implementing the renewable fuel standard. EPA has had the draft ready since last October. Delay under the Bush administration was probably a good thing.

LIVE CHAT on EPA Determination that Global Warming Pollution Endangers Public Health

Join David Doniger, NRDC's chief global warming attorney, at 1 p.m. Eastern today, April 20, for a special online chat.

Stormwater runoff...yeuch. PBS Frontline takes us from sewers to tap water

Ever wonder what becomes of that rainwater that runs off pesticide-treated lawns, golf courses, and farm fields? What about the hormone-disupting pharmaceuticals that we flush down the toilet because they are past their due date, leftover, or unwanted?

As go whitebark pine, so go grizzly bears?

Ralph Maughan links to a very important article by the AP's Matthew Brown in today’s