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A February Coal Snap in Michigan: Attorney General Prevents Governor from Upholding the Law

Last month, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm used her State of the State address to stake out an exciting new clean energy future for the wolverine state.

My Week With the Whales

Gray whales love to spyhop. That’s one of the primary lessons of my week in Laguana San Ignacio, one of NRDC’s premier BioGems.

Court Ruling Could Open Floodgates for More Mountaintop Mining

Earlier this month -- on Friday the 13th -- a federal appeals court in Richmond, VA dealt a devastating blow to the environment by overturning a 2007 lower court decision curtailing mountaintop removal, the world's most destructi

No worker left behind

By now, almost every one of us has heard of green jobs.  It's quickly becoming the national - and global - mantra that carries with it the promise of pulling us out of this downward spiral of economic and environmental degradation.

Transportation For America: Building A Cleaner, More Fuel-Efficient Future

A big-tent coalition of groups running the gamut from the National Association of Realtors to the American Public Health Association to NRDC unveiled a new platform for federal transportation policy today as part of the Transportation for America Campaign.

Climate Change and Clean Energy in the President's New Budget

Today, President Obama’s new budget was officially released.