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Musseling in on California

I've written about the threat posed by invasive species to wildlife and, particularly, the role of ballast water discharges in spreading them.  Well, now the poster child for

Low-carbon fuels, land-use, and Massachusetts

Today I testified before the Massachusetts Advanced Biofuels Task Force on what the state should do to promote biofuels.

Setting the Record Straight, Again

"A groundless rumor often covers a lot of ground."

 - Anonymous

An old claim has been brought to my attention again. Hybrids pollute more than Hummers because of one component: The battery. Not believable, and definitely not true!

GM, Coskata, and a map of things to come

At the Detroit Auto Show, GM announced its investment in a new cellulosic ethanol company called Coskata.

Denial – It ain’t just a river in Egypt

As I’ve written about before, confronting the scale of our oil addiction – 21 million barrels consumed daily, and increasing – requires many steps.

Don't Just Treat Cancer; Fight It Before It Comes

I am in Cambridge today for some meetings at MIT, and as I rode along the Charles River and through the maze of city streets, I noticed the proliferation of bio-tech companies. Several firms have set up shop here to be close to Boston’s supply chain of engineering and medical brilliance.