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Public Transportation Investment Recovered!

The amendment I wrote about just a few hours ago was just passed by voice vote! That means little or no opposition against it. This is a good augury for public transportation, as I imply in the statement we just sent out:

California's Water Problems Weren't Caused By a Fish: We Need a 21st Century Water Policy for Fish and People

Today, we expect that the California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) will announce water pumping restrictions in the Bay-Delta to protect longfin smelt from being sucked into the export pumps of the state and federal water projects.

A Recovery for Transportation Investment?

As I’ve written about on these pages and in the Huffington Post, the transportation provisions in the recovery bill need to tilt more towards saving oil and cutting global warming po

Peabody Profits While the World Burns

Move over Big Oil, and make room for America's new profiteers: Big Coal.  Hey you, Exxon, why not take a breather and let Peabody enjoy the spotlight for a while?

Taking a Break to Plant a Tree

TURRIALBA, Costa Rica -- There is a reason they call them rainforests. It was pouring as I put the first tree into the ground here in a new forest that NRDC is planting with the support of our members.

Invisible Energy: Recovering from the Recession

I wrote yesterday to explain how energy efficiency is tied to our recovery from the economic recession and to applaud President Obama’s asser