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Obama’s Clean Energy Vision for Transportation

In his speech to the nation last night, President Obama connected the dots between a healthy, vibrant economy and clean energy.

From Peak Energy to the Promise of Obama

In a new Nature article, Peak energy: promise or peril?, author Kurt Kleiner raises the specter of fossil fuel supplies dwindling far faster than previously thought.  He explores the view of many experts who ques

Power Shift 09: Young People Lead on Climate Action

I used to think that we could curb global warming fast enough so that my grandchildren wouldn't face intense droughts and spreading wildfires. But these impacts are already here, and if we don't act fast, my daughters' generation will really pay the price.

Obama’s Speech: Implications for International Climate Change

Tonight, President Obama made his first speech to a joint session of Congress -- his "State of the Nation" speech.  He continued to send a clear signal that addressing the challenge of global warming is one of his top priorities.  And he stressed that solving global warming is necessary and

Tar sands oil: not the path to long-term prosperity

Beyond the applause and happy smiles in tonight's Presidential address, what made me realize that we are in a new era was how the President wove his energy agenda throughout the speech.

Reducing Global Mercury 21st Century Style

This month will distinguish itself as a period of heavy international focus for NRDC's Health program.