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Obama Announces Ocean Protection Plan

There's exciting news on the environment front. President Obama has issued a Presidential Memorandum that calls for the development of a national ocean policy and implementing strategies. The memorandum will establish an interagency task force that is to recommend within 90 days:

Don’t be Shy: Alternative Energy Projects Still Have to Protect Wildlife

I saw an interesting article in yesterday's Chicago Tribune about an Endangered Species Act lawsuit challenging the construction of a wind farm in West Virginia.  The suit alleges that the pro

Is the Future(Gen) here?

FutureGen is alive. DOE Secretary Chu today announced an agreement with the FutureGen Alliance, the industrial consortium involved in the project, that moves the ball forward on its construction.

Tire Efficiency: How Your Car Can Cruise on Less Gas

Did you know that some car tires are more efficient than others? It's true; some tires use less energy as they roll along the road and therefore make your car, minivan, SUV or pickup consume less gas.

US Chamber Ramps Up Campaign Against Its Own Members’ Interests

Yesterday was a banner day for anyone keeping an eye on the US Chamber of Commerce's extraordinary capacity for willful ignorance of its own members' interests on energy and climate issues.