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Swim for your lives

Today’s AP reports that aerial surveys conducted by the Minerals Management Service on August 16 recorded 9 polar bears swimming far from shore or any pack ice.  As Arctic sea ice disappears, recording inc

South Korea will announce its emissions reduction target for 2020 next year

Lots of people have been wondering what efforts developing countries will take in the international response to global warming pollution in the lead-in to the agreement to be reached in Copenhagen.

Good and bad news in recent WSJ/NBC energy survey

Here are some interesting highlights from this WSJ/NBC poll on energy, which also points to some of the frustrations ahead in developing and communicating policy solutions.

"More protection, less red tape" . . . yeah, right.

Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne has a wildly misleading op-ed in USA Today about his proposed regulatory changes to the Endangered Species Act.  The Secretary makes it sound like his sole concer

Wrap-up of Yesterday’s National Clean Energy Summit

Yesterday, I attended the well-publicized National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas.  Launched by Sen.