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While Bush May No Longer Be President, His Legacy Endures

Former President Bush may have left DC, but his legacy to degrade national environmental laws and allow the military to circumvent marine mammal protection laws continues.

When the Forests Fade

 USGS)Bettina Boxall has a great post in LA Times's Greenspace about a new study in the journal Science

Cape Wind Can Start Leading the Way for Offshore Wind Power

Two summers ago, I took a tour of a large-scale wind farm off the coast of Denmark.

The Myth of Clean Coal: Rest in Peace

It just goes to show you that even $10-20 million worth of advertising  won't

Now Let’s Get to Work, Starting with the House Stimulus Package

I had the good fortune of being in Washington for the inauguration. It was an amazing day, when I felt every one of the 2 million people in attendance was committed to a new future for America. Cheers surrounded me when Obama referred to clean energy from wind and solar.

Meeting our environmental responsibilities

I recently had the opportunity to make a brief presentation to the California State Assembly Democratic caucus.  I was asked to be on a panel discussing proposed legislation to increase California's renewable portfolio standard (RPS) to 35%.  Since many of the Assemblymembers had never serve