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No, Wind Development is not a National Security Threat

This is part four of a series of blogs highlighting recent progress in onshore and offshore wind energy, as well as discussing some of the continued opportunities, challenges and threats the industry faces in the near term.

Pruitt Wants to Make the EPA Less Accountable to the Public

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt issued a directive today to curb the agency’s so-called “sue-and-settle” practice with outside groups.

Reinforcing Healthcare Systems in the Age of Stronger Storms

This blog post was written by my colleague Clare Morganelli. 

Your Public Lands: Who Will Best Protect Them?

Today, the House Natural Resources Committee is considering proposed legislation to transfer permitting of oil and gas activities on your public lands to the states. We all want a secure and prosperous energy future. The question is how to get there.

New CA Law Requires Cleaning Products Disclose Ingredients

Transparency: Fundamental Protection Against Toxic Chemicals