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Keeping Warm, Creating Jobs and Lowering Bills in NYC

Multi-family homes—from apartment buildings to rowhouses—are as synonymous with New York City as the Brooklyn Bridge or a slice of pizza. Perhaps more than anywhere else in the country, it’s how most city residents live.

The Real Lowdown: The Trump and Congressional Republican Assault on Our Environment, Vol. 33

An unprecedented attack on our public lands and EPA chief Scott Pruitt continues to reward polluters.

Christie’s Last-Minute Nuclear Bailout Plans for New Jersey

In the latest move to ram through a multibillion-dollar subsidy package for the state’s (currently thriving) nuclear plants, outgoing Governor Chris Christie is signaling that he won’t consider legislation that includes provisions to protect taxpayers and preserve New Jersey’s ability to continue to grow its clean energy businesses. If the New Jersey Legislature passes a bill to subsidize those plants before Gov.-elect Phil Murphy takes office on January 16, it will not protect consumers, employees, communities or the environment.

Zinke Is at It Again: More Oil & Gas Favors on Public Lands

In another attack on the Interior Department’s common sense measures to cut pollution from oil and gas operations on the nation’s public lands, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is trying again to stay the Bureau of Land Man

Animal Antibiotic Sales Finally Drop, But Much Work Remains

By Avinash Kar, NRDC and Eili Klein, Center on Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy

FERC Returns to Full Strength and Faces Key Decisions

Dec. 8, 2017 – This blog was updated to reflect FERC Chair McIntyre’s request for a 30-day delay in acting on the DOE request to bail out coal and nuclear plants.