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Demise of Val d'Or Caribou Points to Peril for Other Herds

Guest blog by Jennifer Skene 

Offshore Drilling Plan Shouldn’t Risk Communities and Coasts

The Trump administration in January released the most far-reaching offshore drilling plan ever proposed.

More Energy Efficiency Will Benefit New York, Gov. Cuomo

More energy efficiency can help New Yorkers create new good clean energy jobs, enjoy better health, and save billions, as a NRDC fact sheet published today shows.

Americans to Trump: No More Offshore Drilling

The Trump Administration asked for feedback on its proposal to expand offshore drilling along almost every mile of our coastline, and today is the last day for the public to weigh in.

COALLUSION: The US and Japan’s Global Pro-Pollution Agenda

In US Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s opening address at the CERAweek conference, he tried to garner interest for a global pro-fossil fuel alliance.

Groups Laud B.C.'s Caution as Kinder Morgan Threat Looms

In a letter sent to British Columbia’s Premier John Horgan this morning, eight environmental and conservation organizations express their support for his government’s common sense, science-based approach to confronting potential new threats cre