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Saying No to Plastic Straws

Co-authored by Linda Escalante, Southern California Legislative Director

Global Climate Action Summit: India Focus

Co-authored with Tasfia Nayem

EPA Plans to Gut Its Ability to Curb Water Pollution

Did you think that EPA buying “Tactical Pants” was the silliest thing you’d hear about Administrator Scott Pruitt this month? Hold on -- there’s a new entry.

NY’s Energy Storage Roadmap for a Clean, Flexible Grid

New York State has released its Energy Storage Roadmap delineating the path forward for an ambitious and rapid scaling up of projects in New York to reach a goal of 1.5 gigawat

“Polluter Panels” Officially Allowed to Sway Michigan’s Environmental Law

The step backward will make it much harder to hold industry accountable for Michiganders’ health and environment.

Saving Food in Denver

When food goes to waste, so does everything it takes to get it to our plates. The environmental impacts are staggering—from massive amounts of water and farm land, to unnecessary climate pollution. At the same time, millions of Americans nationwide don’t have a steady supply of food.