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The Pruitt Emails: A Petrochemical Puppet Show

Part 2 of The Pruitt Emails

In Act 1 we examined Scott Pruitt’s using the Oklahoma Attorney General’s office to do the bidding of natural gas giant Devon Energy. 

G20 Countries Financed $8 Billion of Coal Overseas in 2016

In 2016, G20 governments financed at least $8 billion in overseas coal projects through their policy and development banks and export credit agencies.

The Pruitt Emails: A Natural Gas Ventriloquism Act

Part 1 of a two-part series

As Oklahoma Attorney General, Scott Pruitt effectively rented out the state’s seal to the oil, gas, and coal industries, his recently-disclosed emails show. 

Wait, What? Team Trump Can’t Keep Its Keystone Lies Straight

On March 2, the Trump White House clarified that it would not require the company proposing to build the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline to use American steel. But it appears that President Trump would rather ignore that fact and keep on promising the moon.

Watt’s It to You? How Michigan's Energy Bills Measure Up

It was with great determination that a pair of bipartisan energy bills passed last December putting Michigan on the path toward a clean, affordable, and reliable energy future.

EPA Gets It Wrong on Enlist Duo—Again

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has once again failed to fully evaluate the impacts of the combination pesticide Enlist Duo before approving it for use—and NRDC is once again taking the agency to court.