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Replace Lead Drinking Water Pipes Now - Report (PDF)

The New York City Coalition to End Lead Poisoning (NYCCELP) issued a report, No Excuses, NYC: Replace Lead Drinking Water Pipes Now , estimating that one in five New Yorkers may be drinking water transported through lead service lines. Experts...

Siting Renewable Energy in Oregon - Report (PDF)

Report from the Oregon Smart Siting Collaboration (OSSC), a partnership of Defenders of Wildlife, the Natural Resources Defense Council, Oregon Natural Desert Association and Renewable Northwest, providing guidance to renewable energy developers, communities, advocacy organizations and others to help make...

Letter and Report Regarding PFOA Exposure and Health Risks (PDF)

Report prepared for NRDC by Schreiber Scientific, LLC, regarding PFOA exposure and health risks, and accompanying letter to the New York State Department of Health and Drinking Water Quality Council urging enforceable limits on PFOA and PFOS.

Federal Actions to Reduce Energy Use in Transportation - Report (PDF)

Congressional work on transportation policy remains stalled out. Thankfully the Administration can take important steps -- in addition to boosting auto fuel economy standards -- towards a more oil-independent transportation sector. Specifically, the US Department of Transportation can take action...