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From reports to issue briefs, we ensure accountability through peer review led by our Science Office, which provides data and scientific analysis that help shape and guide NRDC’s policies and positions. We also offer a range of other resources, such as 101 guides and consumer-focused scorecards to increase access to knowledge about how everyone can be a catalyst for change. 

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Background Information on the Gulf of Mexico Whale (PDF)

Petition filed by NRDC to the National Marine Fisheries Service urging the listing of the Gulf of Mexico population of Bryde’s whales ( Balaenoptera edeni ) as an endangered species, and designate critical habitat to ensure its recovery, under the...

Comment Letter on NESE Pipeline (PDF)

NRDC’s comment letter on the water quality certification application submitted by Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company, LLC for the Northeast Supply Enhancement Project (NESE). In brief, NRDC writes to urge the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to deny...

Comments from NRDC, Earthjustice and PANNA Re: EPA-Exponent Approach (PDF)

Public comments to EPA and the Science Advisory Panel (SAP) on US EPA’s proposed use of New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) to evaluate developmental neurotoxicity. Comments from NRDC, Earthjustice and PANNA raising both scientific and legal concerns with the EPA-Exponent approach...

Recommendations on IARC Preamble - Comments (PDF)

Recommendations from NRDC Senior Scientist Jennifer Sass to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) on its guidance for evaluating chemical carcinogens. IARC Monographs provide authoritative scientific review and evaluations of agents including industrial chemicals linked to human cancer...