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Complaint for Hawaiian False Killer Whale (PDF)

Legal filings
A complaint filed in D.C. District Court alleging a violation of the ESA and demanding the responsible agencies to designate critical habitat by a date certain for the Hawaiian insular false killer whale.

NRDC Petition to Ban Endosulfan (PDF)

Legal filings
About 1.4 million pounds of endosulfan, a persistent, bioaccumulative and highly toxic insecticide, are used in the United States each year. Endosulfan, an endocrine disruptor and a neurotoxicant, is harmful to human health and the environment.

NRDC and EDF Letter to EPA on New IRIS Process (PDF)

The NRDC has joined with EDF to send a letter blasting the new procedures to review chemical hazards for the EPA Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) database, used to set exposure limits for toxic chemicals. The letter charges that the...

NRDC Comments on SAP Nominees (PDF)

NRDC comments on the nominees for the Scientific Advisory Panel charged with reviewing the science underpinning the regulation of pesticides, and providing advice to the EPA Office of Pesticides.

NGO Sign On Letter for NASS Database (PDF)

A coalition letter signed by many public interest groups opposing funding cuts to the NASS database that collects and publicly reports on pesticide use data across the country.

Phthalates FOIA Complaint Against CPSC (PDF)

Legal filings
NRDC filed this lawsuit against the Consumer Product Safety Commission on July 30, 2008, for failure to produce records pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act. NRDC seeks a court order compelling the CPSC to release the requested records at...