Reflections on major environmental events, trends, and issues.

On March 15, students around the world will walk out of their schools and speak as one, demanding climate action—and our attention.

08 marzo 2019

The appointment of William Happer shows that as public opinion and government reports increasingly back climate science, deniers (including the president) are getting desperate.

01 marzo 2019

New polls show that all Americans—Democrats, Republicans, and independents alike—want to close the book on our dirtiest fossil fuel.

22 febrero 2019

A new wave of entrepreneurs aim to wean consumers from single-use plastic.

15 febrero 2019

The Trump administration promised $16 billion to help places like Texas, Puerto Rico, and Florida weather future storms. Now, nearly a year later, it won’t even return their calls.

08 febrero 2019

More and more European cities are effectively banning automobiles from their city centers—and it seems to be working out just fine for local businesses.

01 febrero 2019

To ignore this fact—as the Trump administration insists on doing—is to hamper U.S. foreign policy.

25 enero 2019

And every extra day it lasts, the deleterious effects on our national parks, food inspections, and toxic waste cleanups grow bigger (and more difficult to stop).

18 enero 2019

If you want to know where coal is headed, look no farther than Texas—where this dirty fuel is in its death throes.

11 enero 2019

What the 116th Congress can do—starting right now—to block Trump’s anti-environment agenda.

04 enero 2019