America's industrialized food system threatens the health of our families, our communities, and the planet.

To fix this, NRDC is working in alignment with community partners to rebuild strong regional food systems. In New Mexico, we’re supporting a community-led campaign to get locally grown, affordable food into discount retail chains—supporting local farmers and building community wealth. In North Carolina, we are partnering with fenceline communities to hold factory farms accountable for air and water pollution. In New York, as part of the Pace-NRDC Food Law Initiative, we are addressing the unmet legal service needs of mission-driven farmers, food and beverage entrepreneurs, and nonprofits. We're collaborating with school districts—including New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago—to make cafeteria meals healthier for students and the environment. And across the country, we are working in coalition to advance laws and policies to move towards a healthy, equitable, sustainable and resilient food system.

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De las Granjas a las Tiendas de un Dólar, la Lucha de una Mujer por la Justicia

En su larga historia como organizadora comunitaria y activista por la justicia ambiental, Helga Garza ha abogado por el agua limpia y los juguetes no tóxicos. Su misión actual: hacer que los productos locales frescos sean accesibles.

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